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EuroBrussels is the central job source for well-educated professionals who want to work in law, politics, economics and communications in Brussels, and other cities with European Affairs and International Relations jobs.

Through professional experience we know the European Affairs community, its institutions, organisations, websites and working procedures - this is why we are able to create a pioneer service for a large professional international audience.

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(Data is based upon Escape Insites' user survey of almost 3000 respondents, and market standard statistics tools such as Google Analytics and MetriWeb).

EuroBrussels User Profile

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Age and gender

  • The majority of EuroBrussels users are aged between 25 and 34
  • We have an equal share of male and female users

Country and language

  • Most of our users are based in Western Europe, with the majority in Belgium, where they work in European Affairs. However, we have users in every European country. In other words, EuroBrussels attracts European Affairs experts and expats from all over Europe
  • We have many users living in Brussels, but their mother tongue is not necessarily French/Dutch. Our users are international networkers and career movers.
  • Many are expats: recent arrivals to Brussels.

Source: Google Analytics for Novemebr 2014

EuroBrussels has just under 30% of visitors living in Belgium.  5-8% from large EU countries such as France, Germany, UK and Italy.

EuroBrussels Language Skills


Education level

  • EuroBrussels has a young audience of legal, economic, political and communications experts
  • 80% of our users have graduate or undergraduate university degrees - many of them have additional degrees and doctorates

Current profession and experience

EuroBrussels users are dynamic professionals with experience in areas including EU Institutions, NGO and Industry Associations, Consultancy, Law and Economics. 

Web Site Traffic

The EuroBrussels audience has grown rapidly and organically over a relatively short period to over 100 000 unique monthly visitors. This is because professionals who have been using our web site regularly over the years continue to recommend EuroBrussels to friends and colleagues.

Therefore our web traffic has been ever growing:

  • Over 100 000 monthly users
  • Over 200 000 monthly sessions
  • Over 800 000 monthly page views
  • Over 100 000 newsletter subscribers

Newsletter traffic

The EuroBrussels Newsletter is sent to over 100 000 focused career movers every Tuesday and Thursday. Daily website visitor statistics illustrate the effect of the EuroBrussels Newsletter on EuroBrussels traffic. This sample is from November 2014.

Visitor Overview

(Source: Google Analytics for November 2014)

In summary

EuroBrussels is a highly focused site, reaching a higher number of qualified people on a more regular basis than any other Brussels recruitment medium.

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Our audience is made up of:

  • Highly ambitious international career movers
  • Political and international networkers
  • Users who keep returning to our site
  • Active subscribers to our newsletter.


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