Managing Director

EPLF - European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association

MMFA –Verband der mehrschichtig modularen Fußbodenbeläge

Managing Director

for two European Associations of the Flooring Industry:
A Key Position in the International Flooring Sector

EPLF - European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association and

MMFA - Multilayer Modular Floorings Association

Brussels, Belgium

The EPLF European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association, established in 1994, and the MMFA Multilayer Modular Floorings Association, established in 2012, were created as international platforms for the exchange of ideas and experiences regarding their products and markets: promoting their commercial and technical interests, securing transparency especially about the qualities of their products for consumers as well as for distribution and trades, last but not least defending their members against unfair competition on national, continental and global markets.

Due to some personal union it happened that the same management took care of the ongoing business of both associations. This made administrative work and related research projects for both associations cost efficient, and the executive boards of both associations are convinced that it should be kept in the same way in the future, even after the retirement of our present managing director.

360° Activities: internal and external Networking

The objectives of both associations; MMFA and EPLF, are set by their General Assemblies, and are executed by their Executive Boards, the Working Groups, and the Management Office/Secretariat.

The guidelines:

Internally EPLF and MMFA act as information hubs for producers and suppliers of the sector, developing and caring for business contacts among the members, performing the company-independent representation of the sector interests, and offering to be points of contact for international institutions, organizations and associations.

Externally the MMFA and EPLF promote the images of their independent and partly competing products, prepare information for users and dealers, motivating innovation and leadership, and finally contributing to the transparency of the market by means of active involvement in the development of industrial standards.The EPLF has 18 ordinary members (producers of flooring), representing a global market share of close to 50%, which is equal to 80% of the European manufacturing volume, plus associate and supporting members (30 suppliers to the sector and research institutions). The MMFA consists of 25 ordinary plus 28 associate and supporting members, the number is steadily growing.

We are looking for our new Managing Director as successor of our present head of operations, who will leave us due to reaching the retirement age.

In the past the necessary services were supplied free-lance by the owner of a specialized consulting company and his staff. This or similar would be perfect for the future too, other solutions could be imagined. Preferably the future secretariat should be based in Brussels, an office is available already.

Our future Managing Director should be able to prove the qualification to successfully manage the full scope of:

  • Strategic duties (international): acquisition of potential members, contacts referring to association politics (e.g. other associations, trade show organizers, public bodies), preparation of basic positions and statements, development of the annual public relations concepts;
  • Preparation and chairing of general assemblies, board meetings and working group meetings, press conferences, active participation in trade exhibitions, seminars etc., preparation and post-processing of the content and follow-ups to these assemblies and meetings;
  • Budget drafting and supervising, accounting, driving and supervision of public relations work, editing and proof reading of draft copies and press releases (mainly English and German), regular contacts, driving and supervision of contracted consultants, ad-hoc contacts with member companies, institutes and institutions;
  • Accompanying the works of the technical committees rgd.CEN/ISO, different conferences in Europe and overseas, organizational preparations and post-processing, secretariat’s and protocol tasks related hereto;
  • Evaluation, examination and presentation of the quarterly sales statistics.

In case the new managing director or her/his office cover the media relations too the following tasks have to be fulfilled:

  • Writing and editing of texts for press releases, coordination of external translations, proof reading of English and German versions, media placement and preparation of interviews with association executives for specialist media, back end/digital dispatching, maintaining press area of;
  • Maintaining regular contacts with journalists and member companies, maintaining and extending the international press distribution list, organizing and overseeing of press conferences, answering press and end user inquiries, attending trade fairs;
  • Collecting press clippings and press reviews, compiling of the annual media response report for the members, maintaining and expanding the images archive, maintenance of the websites (organizing and supervising up to nine language versions), continuous updates of content, technical back end;
  • Preparing lectures and presentations for the President and the MD, finding of and liaising with external speakers for internal events, collecting content for and editing members’ newsletters.

The diversified range of tasks and obligations needs besides a sound professional education for an easy understanding of commercial and technical facts, a good command of the English and possibly German languages (additionally French as a third language could be beneficial), networking skills, diplomatic and organizational talent, swift insights into social and communicative mechanisms between the representatives of our member companies, who are usually strong characters from executive or entrepreneurial levels.

Our MD represents both associations in the management board of EuFCA European Floor Covering Association (EPLF and MMFA together with ECRA/carpets & rugs and ERFMI/resilient floorings).

Timeline for the transition: Our future managing director should be attending our 2019 general assemblies as a guest, a soft transition period thereafter, starting with the full responsibility from July 1st, 2019 onwards or later matter of individual agreement.

EPLF – Verband der Europäischen Laminatbodenhersteller e.V.
MMFA – Verband der mehrschichtig modularen Fußbodenbeläge e.V.


Mittelstr. 50
33602 Bielefeld (Germany)–24, Rue Montoyer
Brussels (Belgium)
Tel.: +49 (0) 5 21 96533 -14
Fax: +49 (0) 5 21 9 65 33 11
Web: -

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