Collaboratorium Project Manager

EMBL - European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Collaboratorium Project Manager

EMBL - European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Barcelona, Spain

Organisation data: BCN Unit
Job Number: BCN00071
Contract Type: Staff Member
Job Function: Senior Administrative Officer (gr. 6-8)
Advertised Grade-Grading: Commensurate according to experience
Contract Duration-Length of Time (years/months): 5 years
Closing date: 6 June 2022

About the team/job

The Barcelona Collaboratorium for Modelling and Predictive Biology

The 21st century has seen a revolution in biotechnology. We can sequence whole genomes cheaply and fast, image the dynamics of gene activity from microscopic bacteria up to the whole human body, and precisely modify the DNA of almost any organism. This is creating vast quantities of molecular data, and giving us the tantalising hope of being able to control, repair and engineer living systems.

However, these impressive technical advances have not yet translated into an ability to accurately control, or even to accurately predict, the behaviour of most real living systems. Biology is complex, and a remaining revolution is still ahead of us: to make biology predictable and controllable - from the design of new proteins and the repair of human organs, up to the prediction of whole ecosystems. Data-generation is no longer the primary concern - technologies for quantitative data generation continue to improve at break-neck speed, both in quality and quantity. The deeper concern now is a lack of theoretical and computational tools to understand and predict complex biology - across all relevant scales.

The Barcelona Collaboratorium for Modelling and Predictive Biology will create a new paradigm for interaction - promoting researchers to collaborate, share ideas and synergize across disciplines.

  • We will host extended visits by leaders in their fields from theoretical biology, complex systems, computer science and artificial intelligence;
  • We are creating a uniquely open and collaborative physical space, to host a dynamic mix of both local researchers plus a strong visitors program, ranging from senior sabbatical professors, to junior researchers and students;
  • A program of Extended Colloquia, and Advanced Study Periods, will drive the cross-fertilisation of concepts and tools between various disciplines of predictive modelling.

Your role

As a Collaboratorium Project Manager, you will lead the operational implementation of a new and ambitious project: the Barcelona Collaboratorium for Modelling and Predictive Biology, which aims to create a hub for theoretic research in Europe.

The Collaboratorium activities will be located in the Pasqual Maragall Foundation building, in Barcelona (Spain).

You will be employed by EMBL and report to the Head of EMBL Barcelona and Head of Administration EMBL Barcelona, and functionally to the Collaboratorium Strategic Board.

Main responsibilities

The most relevant tasks are listed here, however, due to the nature of a starting project, the tasks may be altered occasionally in line with the evolution of the Project. The tasks for this position will be carried out in coordination with the relevant departments at EMBL and CRG.

  • Project Management: Schedule, management and follow up of all activities of the Collaboratorium, such as an annually themed symposium & colloquium, regular seminars series of external invited speakers and internal speakers, specialised workshops, and annual summer schools;
  • Event planning: For the activities of the Collaboratorium. Scheduling activities and contacting relevant stakeholders, coordination of logistics (bookings, payment, supplier's registration, invoicing, etc.), liaising with event suppliers to place orders/reservations, negotiation of budget, securing sponsors, etc.;
  • Communication: Achieve visibility of the Collaboratorium, including website and social media management;
  • Funding: Actively search for funding opportunities for the activities of the Collaboratorium. Participate in the drafting of grant submissions for activities related to the Collaboratorium;
  • Finances: Manage the budget of the Collaboratorium. Follow-up on financial documentation;
  • Health & Safety: Provide H&S training for all personnel of the Collaboratorium, handing out information on coordination;
  • Facility Management: Contact with Facility Management counterparts at the FPM for building-related incidences;
  • Purchase: Place orders of minor purchases required for the operation of the Collaboratorium;
  • Liaison: With relevant stakeholders (including HR departments of EMBL and CRG).

You have

  • Relevant university education and qualifications and at least 5 years of relevant professional experience, such as in Project Management;
  • An excellent command of English and working knowledge of Spanish;
  • Experience working abroad, especially in an intergovernmental or in a scientific organization, or in an international environment;
  • The ability to deal and collaborate with people in a friendly and professional manner and to establish effective channels of communication and liaison in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Self-initiative and the ability to work both independently with a minimum of supervision and collaboratively with relevant stakeholders;
  • Flexibility, service-oriented attitude, start-up mentality and good judgement;
  • Courteous approach, attention to detail, reliability, tact and discretion;
  • Ability to ensure that matters are dealt with efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner, paying attention to detail and with the ability to work to demanding deadlines;
  • Excellent knowledge of and user proficiency in MS Office.

You might also have

  • PhD or masters in STEM disciplines;
  • Fluency in other languages;
  • Knowledge of SAP;
  • Knowledge of curation of websites.

Why join us

EMBL is curiosity-driven, community-oriented and international. As an inclusive, equal opportunity employer, EMBL offers attractive conditions and benefits appropriate to an international research organisation with a very collegial and family-friendly working environment. The remuneration package comprises a competitive salary, a comprehensive pension scheme, medical, educational and other social benefits, as well as financial support for relocation and installation, including your family. In addition, a relaxed culture and ongoing professional development all make EMBL a great place to work.

Our mission has us exploring life at all levels, and creating new ways to look at the world. Our reputation is built on scientific excellence and collaboration, and the projects we take on require all kinds of people and working styles, from big-picture creatives to patient detail-seekers.

What else you need to know

We are Europe's flagship research laboratory for the life sciences - an intergovernmental organisation performing scientific research in disciplines including molecular biology, physics, chemistry and computer science. We are an international, innovative and interdisciplinary laboratory with appr. 2000 employees from many nations, operating across six sites, in Heidelberg (HQ), Barcelona, Hinxton near Cambridge, Hamburg, Grenoble and Rome.

Please note that appointments on fixed term contracts can be renewed, depending on circumstances at the time of the review.

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