Team Leader Regional Antennas (RA) (1,0 FTE)

Interreg V-A Euregio Meuse-Rhine Programme

Interreg V-A Euregio Meuse-Rhine Programme



Team Leader Regional Antennas (RA) (1,0 FTE)

Provincie Limburg - Interreg V-A Euregio Meuse-Rhine Programme

Maastricht, Netherlands

The Interreg Meuse-Rhine team is looking for an enthusiastic colleague at the Joint Secretariat (JS), to coordinate the day-to-day cooperation between the JS stationed at Province Limburg (NL) and the Regional Antennas (RAs). The RAs are stationed in the five core regions of the program areas of the Interreg Meuse-Rhine (NL-BE-DE) program. They are responsible for project acquisition. The candidate is required to have, on the one hand, broad experience with projects and programmes (preferably European funded programmes in an international environment) and, on the other hand, the required linking and technical qualities, in order to ensure a continuous supply of quality projects that contribute to the achievement of the programme's objectives.

In this function you will be part of the cluster Interreg Meuse-Rhine

Welcome to the Meuse-Rhine region, where crossing borders is part of everyday life. When you work here, you can start in Maastricht (Netherlands), continue with business meetings in Liege (Belgium) and end your day in the beautiful old town of Aachen (Germany). More than four million residents appreciate the boundless combination of vibrant cities, world-class research, rich cultural heritage and preserved nature on a daily basis.

Since 1991, cross-border cooperation projects between the Belgian, German and Dutch partner regions have been supported by Interreg. The sixth generation of the program (Interreg Maas-Rhine (NL-BE-DE)) covers the territory of the Province of Limburg (NL), Province of Limburg (B), Region of Aachen, Province of Liège and the German-speaking Community of Belgium as well as parts of Rhineland-Palatinate. In total, the European Union and the program partners (Member States, regions) have made available over € 176 million in public funding to contribute to the major societal tasks defined for the program area. These are industrial transition, green transformation, healthier citizens, tourism in a high-quality region and living and working without borders. Innovation, sustainability and the social agenda are important drivers in this regard.

The Province of Limburg has been designated as Managing Authority (MA) for the Interreg Meuse-Rhine (NL-BE-DE) program 2021-2027, which effectively runs from the time of approval in end-2022 until the end of 2029. This makes the Province of Limburg effectively responsible for the implementation and management of this cross-border program.

Coordination of internationalization and EMR belongs to the portfolio of the governor.

The cluster falls under the responsibility of the Director of Operations of the Province of Limburg.

What the Team leader RA’s does:

  • You are the liaison between the JS - under the responsibility of the coordinator of the Cluster Interreg Meuse-Rhine - and the RAs in the field (who are also coordinated by the coordinator of the Cluster Interreg Meuse-Rhine);
  • You are a specialist with intrinsic knowledge of the program rules and regulations, who monitors the program policy and is also able to provide both RAs and potential applicants with accurate information on topics such as:
    • application process and application form;
    • cost catalog/eligibility of costs;
    • indicators and targets, as part of the performance framework;
    • administrative requirements during project;
    • communication;
    • monitoring system JEMS.
  • You will coordinate the project acquisition process, by:
    • generating a strategy and showing a continuous drive to develop good ideas into optimal applications, within the frameworks of Interreg Meuse-Rhine (NL-BE-DE), which contribute to the optimal realization of the objectives of the program;
    • providing general information, communication and awareness-raising about Interreg Meuse-Rhine (NL-BE-DE), in particular about the goals and opportunities within the program and about specific calls for projects;
    • organizing and guiding market exploration;
    • develop quality standards and quality checks;
    • organize training and provide information on project acquisition and improving the quality of projects;
    • connect with the parts of the program area that are not covered by an RA, or where there is (temporarily) insufficient capacity to provide the necessary guidance.
  • You will manage the RAs on a day-to-day basis in their tasks of project acquisition and provide support when needed.
  • You organize effective cooperation, knowledge transfer and training in the field of project acquisition, resulting in an active 'project acquisition cell' that operates from a collective and uniform basis, being the Interreg Meuse-Rhine (NL-BE-DE), in the field of:
    • (explanation of) programme rules;
    • planning of objectives;
    • distribution of tasks - who does what and who is present where;
    • meeting schedule;
    • progress system with state of affairs and points for follow-up;
    • anticipation of problems.
  • You work in close cooperation and consultation with the rest of the team and provide active feedback, in particular with the other coordinating colleagues (coordinator, senior program manager MA tasks and senior program manager JS tasks);
  • You support and temporarily take over tasks from colleagues when necessary.

Working for the Province of Limburg is surprisingly unique

Working for the Province of Limburg means working for the welfare and prosperity of Limburg and its people. Achieving results with impact is our common mission. You do this in an environment where a wealth of cultural heritage and tourist attractions make you feel as if you're on vacation. North Limburg has the nature-rich Land of Peel and Maas and the fens and sand dunes in the Maasduinen. Central Limburg has the largest interconnected water sports area in the Netherlands, the Maasplassen. And in South Limburg there is the green Heuvelland surrounded by attractive cities where there is room for innovative economic development, under the umbrella of the Brightlands campuses in Maastricht, Heerlen and in Sittard-Geleen.

The Province of Limburg is growing into an open, learning governmental organization, where there is room for professionals to pursue innovations together with relevant partners. This requires employees to take responsibility for their own development. The Province of Limburg strongly supports personal development and expects initiative and effort from its employees.

For this position we ask the following

  • Master degree or comparable education, thinking and working level;
  • Experience (> 5 years) with European programs and projects, preferably in a cross-border context;
  • Demonstrable coordination skills and experience at the level of programs and projects;
  • Team player who is loyal to the program;
  • Excellent communication skills and good at initiating and maintaining external contacts (with RAs, but also with beneficiaries and organizations involved in the implementation of the program);
  • Be able to explain in an inspiring way what has been agreed and why (program line) and have the consistency to do so and keep on doing so;
  • The ability to show initiative and leadership in order to be able to take corrective action if the interests of the programme require this;
  • Language skills:
    • fluent in English;
    • good knowledge of the languages of the program area (French, German, Dutch) is an added value for the position;
    • willingness to improve language skills.
  • Behavioral competencies:
    • results-oriented: you formulate challenging (but achievable) objectives for yourself and for the team and you put all your effort into achieving them;
    • planning and organizing: you plan and organize large and difficult tasks, assignments, solutions, both short and long term, which are subject to unforeseen circumstances and which may have concrete repercussions for others;
    • progress control: you actively monitor the progress of your own work and that of others and motivate others to stick to the planning and actively carry out the agreed work;
    • conscientiousness and a sense of quality: you continue to deliver quality work under increased pressure and actively seek opportunities to improve the quality of your own work;
    • connection: you ensure the connection between JS and RA in a setting characterized by complex conflicts of interest and a large diversity of stakeholders.

We offer you

  • A gross monthly salary based on a 36-hour working week, of minimum € 3,598.96 and maximum € 5,119.70 in scale 11;
  • 5,119.70 in scale 11 (excluding any CAO increases and depending on age, education and experience);
  • Individual Choices Budget (IKB) of approximately 22%, including vacation allowance (8%) and a structural year-end bonus (8.3%);
  • This budget comes on top of your fixed salary and you can have it paid out whenever you want. Or you can use it to purchase a bicycle, sports membership or extra leave.
  • Opportunities to work in a partially flexible time and location;
  • Personal development budget of € 5,000 for the duration of 5 years with sufficient opportunities to continue developing yourself.

How to apply

In order to apply, please send your motivation letter and curriculum vitae in English until 3 October 2022 by email to addressed to the Provincial Executive (College van Gedeputeerde Staten), Human Resources, reference number 2022EMR02.

For any further questions about the profile and scope of the position, please contact Mr. Mark Vos, Coordinator of the Interreg V-A EMR Program by phone +31(0) 646 624 792, completely without any obligation.

Additional information

Should you be invited for an interview, it is possible that your skills are going to be assessed.

The suitable candidate must be able to submit a Certificate of Conduct for Natural Persons (VOG NP).

The integrity risk profile applies to this position.

A representative of the cluster may be called in during the final stage of the procedure.

Don't forget to mention EuroBrussels when applying.

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