Upgrade your job ad with the EuroBrussels Star Credits

Improve your recruitment process with EuroBrussels Star Credits. This allows you to increase the quality and suitability of candidates applying for your vacancy.

EuroBrussels Star Credits offers several options:

High Visibility Job Ad

Reaching out to a more senior audience, or recruiting urgently?
The High Visibility Job Ad makes sure your job ad gets the maximum exposure for the whole period that it is posted on EuroBrussels. 

Pre- Selection Questions

Avoid unsuitable applications by adding some questions or assignments to your job ad. You will receive a structured email per candidate, allowing you to save time by only reviewing suitable applicants. 

Candidate Boost

Have access to the best-qualified candidates for your vacancy depending on your criteria.
We invite 30-50 of the most qualified candidates from our 24’000 candidate CV Database to apply for your vacancy. 

Anonymised email inbox

Do you want to keep your ad anonymous?
With the EuroBrussels anonymised email you get an email address: jobtitle@eurobrussels.com and a personalised inbox. This keeps your vacancy anonymous and gives you all the applications in one well-organised, separate inbox.   


You can get a Star Credit for €400.

We can also offer you some interesting discounts if you decide to go for a Star Credit pack:

  • For a package of 5 Star Credits we can offer you 15% discount - total price € 1700 reducing the price per credit to just € 340.
  • For a package of 10 Star Credits we can offer you 20% discount - total price € 3200 reducing the price per credit to just € 320.
  • For a package of 20 Star Credits we can offer you 25% discount - total price € 6000 reducing the price per ad to just € 300.

These credits can be used with each paid job ad. Order your pack now.