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EuroBrussels offers extremely targeted means of getting your message to our niche audience of expats and European affairs professionals. Advertising with us is both simple and effective. We offer tthe possibility to advertise with Leaderboard Banners at the top of each page, to ensure maximum exposure of your ad.

Max file size of banners: 30K
Supported banner types: Leaderboard
* CPM = Cost per thousand page impressions

Banner Example

Your advantages:

  • We offer significant discounts on multiple orders
  • For an additional fee we can also include advertising on our sister site, which reaches international professionals and expats in business, finance, IT, office management and more in Belgium and Luxembourg

Education & Courses Page

EuroBrussels is offering a dedicated page for studying offers with the following categories:

Get listed in our Education and Courses Page

Our Education sections give you access to thousands of professionals actively looking at career and training possibilities in EU & International Affairs. That is why universities, colleges, language schools, courses and seminar providers use us to connect with their exact target group.

Your logo, text and link will all appear in this prominent list. Placement in the list depends on time span bought.

  • 3 month listing  600 EUR
  • 6 months  1000 EUR
  • 12 months  1800 EUR

What you get:

A logo & text advert on the Education Page:

Education Ad on EuroBrussels

Your logo and course title are also shown on rotation in the "Education & Courses box", which is placed in the right sidebar on most EuroBrussels pages.

Newsletter - An excellent marketing media

The EuroBrussels newsletter is sent to around 90,000 focused career movers each Tuesday and Thursday mornings - and is carefully read by recipients.
Your ad can be placed at the top of this efficient news medium - just below the EuroBrussels logo.

Either with your logo and text - or a banner communicating your product.

Logo plus Text advert (Text of 300 characters plus logo 120 x 60 px)

Example Logo and Text

Traditional banner (728 x 90 px, < 50k)

Niche Newsletters

Next to the EuroBrussels Main Newsletter, we have several targeted Niche Newsletters, with a very focused audience.

A newsletter ad in a Niche newsletter costs € 900, which makes it a very cost-effetive tool to reach your target audience.

EuroBrussels offers the following Niche Newsletters:

  • EuroBrussels Green Newsletter: over 4'000 subscribers
  • EuroBrussels Global Interest Newsletter: over 5'000 subscribers
  • EuroBrussels Executive & Expert Newsletter: over 3'500 subscribers
  • EuroBrussels Junior Newsletter: over 8'000 subscribers

For Legal advertisers, we also offer the popular EuroBrussels Legal Newsletter. The price for an add in the Legal Newsletter is € 1700

  • EuroBrussels Legal Newsletter: over 6'000 subscribers

Newsletter Calendar

EuroBrussels has a very straightforward weekly cycle for our clients.

  • Weekly EuroBrussels newsletter is sent out every Tuesday and Thursday morning
    (BrusselsJobs newsletter is sent out Wednesday morning)
  • Fridays: Green Newsletter, Global Interest Newsletter, Executive & Expert and Legal Newsletter
  • Thursdays: Junior Newsletter
  • The web pages are updated every day
  • Public holidays: We even update during most holidays

Through many years experience we know the high & lows of the European Affairs annual seasons. Therefore we can assist you in planning the right moment for your unique campaign. Contact us to discuss your matter.

General advantages

  • We offer rebates for multiple orders
  • We have a large, but focused audience that you can reach quickly and easily for very fair prices. Your ads can be online within a few hours, giving immediate results.

Contact us

We would be pleased to put together an attractive package offer to reach the right audience. For all advertising enquiries  please contact us at

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