European Stability Mechanism''We post a number of High visibility Job Ads on EuroBrussels and are very happy with the service. We choose EuroBrussels for our recruitment needs, as we require candidates with a strong EU background.''                   
Amandine Baumann, Recruitment and Development OfficerEuropean Stability Mechanism

European AIDS Treatment Group  ”We decided to post the job ad for Training & Communications Coordinator with Pre-selection Questions. It really saved a lot of time using the Pre-selection Questions to come up with a list of 5 candidates best qualified for interview.  Since then we have offered the position to one of those candidates!  I appreciated the help from the consultants to create the best questions and really thank them for the support they provided."
- Koen Block, Executive Director, European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG)





SaferWorld“Thanks we were very pleased with the response we received for our Programme Manager Caucasus position, which is split between London and Tbilisi. We received a lot of applications from persons with a good understanding of the Caucasus, willing to travel and a lot of policy related experience.”
- Marie Aziz, Saferworld

PHAP“Thank you very much! I'm impressed with the short turn-around time. Our ad for Events and Communications Associate was online within less than two hours after we submitted it and we started receiving CV’s the same day already. A small change to our job ad was implemented immediately.”
- Angharad Laing, Executive Director, PHAP - International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection

“Thank you very much for providing us with such impressive statistics! We will use them in our recruitment process analysis for the past year. We actually recruited a very fine professional to fill the post. We always receive many quality applications in response to our job vacancies quoting EuroBrussels, a great service to Minority Rights Group International.”
- Marusca Perazzi, Directorate Minority Rights Group International



What Happy Clients Say

EuroBrussels has been the number one European Affairs Job Site since 2001.
Many clients have praised our results and services through those years. Those are satisfied customers and users, who trust us and keep returning. In fact, many more have expressed satisfaction with our service, but have not wished to be quoted.

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Selected Testimonials

"We were delighted to hear that our ad had received strong engagement and garnered a significant number of clicks during the specified period. It is a testament to the platform's ability to attract qualified candidates.. The statistical data provided clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of EuroBrussels' platform in reaching a large and relevant audience. Overall, we are very pleased with the results achieved. Your direct engagement in communication is a big plus when it comes to these services and much appreciated.Thank you again for your excellent service.''
-Evangelos Sotiris, Consultant , Eworx Greece


“EuroBrussels is really the perfect website to advertise International Jobs. We were very happy with the amount and quality of the candidates.”
-Carina Feuerriegel, Project Manager, My Europe, Frankfurter Zukunftsrat e.V.

''Last month we posted a Job Ad for a Climate Change Expert on EuroBrussels and received a great response from a number of highly qualified experts. We have now made our selection and will certainly look to EuroBrussels again should we have similar vacancies in the future.''
- Brendan Howard, Business Development Assistant, LTS International Group


“The minute we posted our advert on EuroBrussels, the number of qualified applications increased seriously.  We were able to select quite a few excellent candidates. EuroBrussels website is user-friendly and highly visited by applicants.  I surely recommend using EuroBrussels to any firm that plans recruiting.  Many thanks for the outstanding service and opportunity.”
- Kathleen Van Nuffel, Office Administrator, Steptoe & Johnson LLP


”We had a lot of replies to our advert for a new Secretary General for the SEA Europe - Ships & Maritime Equipment Association, posted on EuroBrussels. We are very satisfied with the service and the fast response. We will be using EuroBrussels again in the future.”
- Delphine Fagot, Office Manager, SEA Europe


“As a result of EuroBrussels’ good service and excellent cooperation, we are highly satisfied with our advertisement. We consider this to be an efficient way of receiving many applications from highly qualified students for our Master Programme in South East European Law and European Integration (LL.M.) at the Faculty of Law at the University of Graz.”
- Mag. Zoë Temel, Associate Director Master Programme South East European Law and European Integration (LL.M.), Faculty of Law, University of Graz


“We had a huge response from the EuroBrussels website, receiving some 200 applications for our Communications Officer position in Brighton. Using “Pre-selection Questions” is a great time saver too. Many thanks!”
- Alice Birch, PA to Chief Executive, European Social Network

“The results we got for our Regulatory Affairs Officer/Manager ad on EuroBrussels were absolutely good... It is even difficult for us to handle all the great CVs we received. We might consider using the CV Database or the "Pre-selection Questions" option next time.”
- Veronique Allemane, Senior Manager, HR & Development, Brussels Worldwide Services


“We are very pleased with the services Eurobrussels provides. Our vacancies are uploaded quickly to your website, resulting in many high quality applications; we know that EuroBrussels.com is the place to be for job seekers in Brussels. The statistics you provide about visits of our job advertisements are also very useful.”
- Chiara Martinelli, Assistant  to the Secretary General, CIDSE


“Recruiting for a Paralegal profile for our Brussels team,  we have really been impressed by the number of applications that we received through EuroBrussels.  The combination of one job ad on both EuroBrussels and BrusselsLegal really proves it works.  We will use EuroBrussels' services again for sure.”
- Office Manager, US Law Firm, Brussels office


“Many thanks for keeping us informed on the statistics of our job advertisement for which we used your services. We were indeed very happy with the outcome and your services. During the first week of posting, the right candidate applied and has been hired in the meantime! We received around 40 applications from candidates that had seen our ad on EuroBrussels, the great majority of them with interesting profiles. Our ad was well placed and very visible on your website. Personally I find that the price-performance ratio that we got with your services is excellent. We will definitely use your services again should we have another vacancy.”
- Dr. Saskia Horsch, European Casino Association


“We are happy with the whole recruitment process through EuroBrussels. We had over 3000 people clicking on our ad and have now recruited a very well qualified Marketing Assistant with good knowledge of French and English. We would certainly recommend EuroBrussels for good and efficient business recruitment in Belgium and Europe.”
- Anna Calgaro, Project Manager, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management


“We are always happy with the response generated by EuroBrussels, this is why we are such faithful customers! Actually, we usually receive about 160 answers within 10 days to every one of our ads! And your statistics are extremely interesting.”
- Geneviève LECOT, Office Manager Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe


"I am looking forward to the responses to our vacancy for Executive Director. I have very good experience with EuroBrussels in the past at previous engagements."
- Oliver Gajda, Aflatoun Child Savings International


"I am looking forward to the responses to our vacancy for Executive Director. I have very good experience with EuroBrussels in the past at previous engagements."
- Oliver Gajda, Aflatoun Child Savings International


“We received many high quality CV’s and have now selected a well qualified candidate.”
- Marie Lacroix, Director Internal Affairs / Federation of European Direct Selling Associations – FEDSA

“After placing an ad on EuroBrussels we have received high number of good quality applications within 3 days. We will definitely advise our members to recruit their staff through EuroBrussels. Many thanks for an excellent service!”
- ALDE Group in the Committee of the Regions

"After placing an ad on EuroBrussels we have received plenty of good quality applications within 3 days . We will definitely advise our members to recruit their EU and International affairs specialists through EuroBrussels. Many thanks for an excellent service!"
- Max Obenaus, Head of Communications, UNIFE - The European Rail Industry

“I am very satisfied with your services. It was easy to fill in the form and the ad was quickly and neatly published. We have an office in Brussels and it was our colleague there who told me to use your site. I am impressed by the number of clicks, since we had the ad in Swedish.”
- Lena Haglund-Persson, Personalstrateg, Growth Analysis


"EuroBrussels website provided us with a great number of highly qualified applicants, one of whom we recruited as our new Communications Assistant. Many thanks for your services!"
- Thomas Daniëls, EuroKeys


"We found the service to be very quick to respond to requests and information in setting up the advert and organising invoices details with replies and communication to be of a very high standard. Of the people that had replied to the advert we had a very good response and attracted the right calibre people to shortlist for interview . As the interview process, the level of candidate was so good that it was a difficult decision as to who to finally appoint. We have now offered the role. Many thanks, we will certainly use this service again in the future should the need arise."
Paul Atherton, HR Services Manager, Business Link East/Exemplas


"We were happy with the ad on EuroBrussels. We were quite surprised to receive so many applications in such a short time. I would also like to thank for your quick replies and the fast update on the website."
- Anissa Garcia, Assistant to the Secretary General CIDSE


"To our previous announcement there were over a 150 very high profile candidates applying and 90% of them had found our advertisement on your website. In fact, I have found my own job on your site! So thank you once again."
- Tom Van Dijck, European Democrat Group - Council of Europe


" We have had quite a number of applicants through the site! We are sure we will find a good candidate between them. Thank you for your help."
- HR Staff, GE Corporate


"We are very happy with our response from EuroBrussels. In fact, most of our applicants and shortlisted applicants saw the advert on the Eurobrussels website. Received at least 70 applications within a couple of weeks. We are happy with the services Eurobrussels provided and some of my colleagues want to advertise their vacancies too. The quality of the applicants were high and very relevant to our firm and the job advertised. "
- Shantini Kunhamboo, Project Administrator Landell Mills Limited


"We are very happy with EuroBrussels services and find your website very clear. The moment our Policy & Communication Adviser ad was on your website, we started receiving a regular flow of applications. It is a very efficient system."
- Aruna Manickam, BIPAR - the European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries


"Thank you very much for posting our vacancy. We’ve had a great response, and are already selecting candidates. Recruiting with EuroBrussels is very easy and efficient! "
- Maaike Matelski, Programme Officer Coalition for the International Criminal Court


"We have had a huge response and have already found many suitable candidates for interviews. We have used your website already on previous occasions with success. I think it's the best known EU-Jobs website in Brussels. "
- Timo Schubert, ADS Insight


 "We are very satisfied with EuroBrussels quick and efficient services. We are receiving quite a lot of application and we expect many more. We are confident that we will be able to find the perfect candidate with EuroBrussels.com . Many Thanks!
- Caroline Raets, EDMA - European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association


" We were very pleased with the advert. Most applicants did mention they saw the advert on the EurobBussels website. From the 80 candidates who contacted us 42 filled in our application form, so we are very happy with the result! "
- Marie McLeod, Financial Manager European Aids Treatment Group (EATG)


"It is amazing: after posting our internship-ad on EuroBrussels, there have been about 30 applications within days. Thus, we already found interns suiting our lobbying law firm. I will come back to you by later this year to post something again. Many thanks!"
- Martin Gerig, Alber & Geiger


"We are extremely pleased with EuroBrussels’ services and will most certainly contact you again should we have new job offers to publish."
- Youri Saadallah, Liaison Officer, NRC Europe


"The number of applicants have really been beyond our expectations. We are very satisfied with your service!"
- Marie-Anne de la Broïse, CEC European Managers


"We have received excellent CVs from the EuroBrussels website and we now have more than enough qualified candidates to choose from.
- Rosanne Whalley, Project Manager, Emcnet


"Many thanks. I must say that I have been very impressed with your site and the level of service I have received.”
- Jerry Nicholson, The Evaluation Partnership


"Thanks for the fast service . We are very pleased with the results of the ad on EuroBrussels.com. We can choose between a lot of candidates for this position!”
- Ine Debo, Recruitment Officer, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu


"Thanks for posting our vacancy. We got a great number of responses, many of which were very good . As a result, we have been able to identify the right candidate for this position.”
- Peter Vanovertveld, Associate Director, Interel Public Relations & Public Affairs


"We were indeed very satisfied with the results and we have just recruited a person who applied following the announcement on EuroBrussels.”
- Catarina Botelho, Project Assistant, European Journalism Centre

"We have advertised our EU Affairs Guides on EuroBrussels.com. There is no better way of reaching our target audience . We would recommend EuroBrussels to any organisation wanting to quickly get in touch with a European Policy audience".
- Anja Duchateau, Press & Marketing Officer, American Chamber of Commerce to the EU

"We received a lot of responses to the job offer, many of them from outside Germany due to the link on your website. We are now in the selection process for the postion. Thanks again for the uncomplicated help . We'll come back to you in the future!”
- Christian Schiller, miller und meier consulting GbR


"I got many applications from candidates with a very solid background and I would definitely recommend EuroBrussels.com both to colleagues who are looking to hire and to those who are looking for a new job.”
- Marie Van In, Division Counsel, Cytec Specialty Chemicals


"Thank you very much for posting our job advertisement on your website. It has been extremely useful for us , as we have received an impressive amount of applications."
- Julie Heraud, HCL Consultants

" We received an excellent response to our recruitment needs via EuroBrussels.com: you do a great job!"
- Juliette Le Doré, Press Associate, Human Rights Watch


"I have been completely satisfied with the service of EuroBrussels.com. I received a lot of CVs of great quality in a very short time . Thank you for your support."
- Jean-Christophe Amado, Centre Perelman de Philosophie du Droit, Université Libre de Bruxelles


"We would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient service , we have received a very positive response from the advert."
- Samantha Blyth, Ellwood Grant Effective Leadership Resourcing


The EuroBrussels team is helpful, friendly and fair . This adds to the good service of the website."
- Andrew Duff, MEP


"We have had a good response for our ad for an EU Affairs Executive from the EuroBrussels site, which we are pleased with for quite a specialised position."
- Fergal Roche, Personnel Executive, Irish Dairy Board


"The position advertised on EuroBrussels.com has been filled thanks to your great service. I will definitely recommend EuroBrussels.com as I have myself found my current position through your website ."
- Mrs Aurélie Valtat, Communication Manager, PostEurope


"In my position as HR Manager whose responsibilities include recruitment and career development guidance, EuroBrussels.com is my preferred referral site for job vacancies from a variety of sources, locations, and types of employers. Thank you for providing this wonderful and efficient service, both to employers and employees."
- Danijela Milic, IDEA - International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

And we have many more satisfied clients...


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