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Top Picks: Career Guides to Boost Your Success

  • Sustainable Careers: Embracing Environmental Responsibility in the Workplace
  • Going Green: Your Guide to Pivoting into Eco-friendly Careers
  • 10 Common Resume Mistakes - How to Stand Out as a Job Candidate
  • Bridging Skill Gaps: The Role of Self-Evaluation in Enhancing Job Prospects

Find a Job in European Affairs Guide

European Affairs presents a unique job market, so we have produced a job seeker's guide specifically for this environment. The guide is split into sections based on your experience level, as different jobs are available as you progress through your career. First is a beginners guide, then we have information on the EU Institutions recruitment process.


Job Interview Guide

So you have got yourself a job interview to prepare for? Congratulations! That means you are almost there. Now you're starting to worry about the interview? We can help. This guide will take you through the whole interview scenario, and give lots of hints and techniques to help you pass the final test and get that great job.


Self Evaluation Guide

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses will help enormously in your career, and also to grow in your personal life. It will enable you to work on your weaknesses, to highlight your strengths at interview, and give you an insight into how others see you and interact with you.


Guide to Updating Your CV

A well designed CV will improve your chances of getting your ideal job. A badly designed CV will mean you will struggle to get interviews, and less qualified people will be invited to interviews instead of you. Your CV is in many cases your only chance to present yourself.


EuroBrussels Resource Center

Discover the EuroBrussels Career Resource Center - a digital vault chronicling the evolution of our career insights. Unearth a diverse collection of guidance, providing a unique perspective on professional development over the years. Explore the rich tapestry of our career-centric content.


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