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Your job has the benefits of a Standard Job Ad, plus

  • Your job has a prominent white background;
  • Your job is highlighted at the top of our  90 000 + subscriber newsletter;
  • Your job is highlighted in listings and searches;
  • Your job is shown on rotation in the ''Top Jobs'' box


  • A High Visibility Job Ad is perfectly suited to recruiting for a senior and/or specialised position, or for advertising a position with a close deadline.
  • A High Visibility Job Ad will maximize the exposure of your vacancy and increases your chances of finding the best candidate for your position.


We can

  • Create a unique EuroBrussels-hosted web page with your entire job description and logo prominently displayed.
  • Link directly to your organisation's web page (or PDF document), taking readers to your website

 High Visibility Job Ad Preview

Price: 1130 (+20% UK VAT, if applicable) - We offer discounted prices for NGOs listed on our NGO page.

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