Find a Job Guide

  • Finding your first job in Brussels?
  • Information on EU Institutions recruitment
  • Tips and tricks for beginners to experts

European Affairs presents a unique job market, so we have produced a job seeker's guide specifically for this environment.


Opening up your Euro Career in Brussels

For the ambitious newcomer

  • Finding your first job in Brussels?
  • Applying for jobs that are not advertised
  • Preparing for an EU concours?

Selection procedures for the EU Institutions

Going institutional

  • Pre-selection tests
  • Assessment centres
  • The interview

Looking to upgrade your Euro Career?

For the semi experienced job seeker

  • Political Parties and MEP assistant jobs
  • Regional and City offices
  • NGOs and Industry Associations
  • Which policy area?

Using your existing network

For the experienced job seeker

  • Large companies might want you to represent them
  • What experience do company representatives require?


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