Financial Assistant M/F, AST 2

ECHA - European Chemicals Agency

Helsinki, Finland


The Financial Assistant will work either in the Finance Unit within the Directorate of Resources or in one of the operational Directorates of the Agency, being responsible for the following tasks depending on the specialisation selected (Profiles 1 or 2 below).

Please note that each candidate can only apply for one of the profiles listed below.

Profile 1: Financial Assistant

The Financial Assistant will work in the Finance Unit of the Agency, on activities related to budget preparation, implementation and related matters. These activities include:

  • Initiating or verifying financial transactions (commitments, payments, recovery orders, de-commitments) in ABAC system ensuring their financial and procedural correctness, i.e. in conformity with the contracts and relevant regulations;
  • Communicating with the Commission services, suppliers, customers, banks and fiscal authorities on routine matters, coordinating, monitoring and follow-up;
  • Creating legal entity and bank account files;
  • Preparing cash-flow forecasts of expenditure;
  • Assisting in the issuance of forecasts of revenue and recovery orders;
  • Following up and updating financial rules of procedure;
  • Providing advice and technical support to staff having operational initiation functions in all the financial processes in order to solve specific financial problems and to ensure financial viability.

Profile 2: Procurement and Contract Management Assistant

The Procurement and Contract Management Assistant will work in one of the operational Directorates of the Agency, on activities related to procurement and contract management but also on general financial ones. These activities include:

Procurement-related tasks

  • Coordinating high-value tendering and contracting procedures, from the preparation of the specifications to the execution of complex tender selection and evaluation procedures (e.g. open, restricted procedures, etc.);
  • Assisting in negotiations with selected companies aiming at concluding contracts with ECHA;
  • Proactively following up on the procurement plan to support the successful and timely implementation of the relevant procurement actions and their allocated financial resources;
  • Working collaboratively with other procurement offices such as the Finnish central purchasing body (Hansel), European Commission services, other European Agencies, etc. as well as with internal ECHA services;
  • Assisting in the efficient processing of requests for procurement by the operational teams in all stages of the procurement processes.

Contract management support tasks

  • Supporting the management of framework contracts and other related agreements also by managing the relationship with contractors, in line with the financial regulations and taking into account best practices;
  • Advising contract managers on financial, procurement, contractual and purchasing matters based on sound knowledge of the financial rules and best practices;
  • Finding and providing the data to support the cost-benefit analysis performed, for example as part of the assessment of Information Technology (IT) investments;
  • Maintaining contacts with the contractors for contract management and other matters (e.g. payments).

Other duties

  • Using various forecast, tracking and monitoring tools and contributing to their further improvement;
  • Preparing presentations and/or reports that require the analysis, processing and summarizing of multiple, complex and/or interrelated set of financial, contractual and/or procurement data ensuring their user-friendliness and understandable display, orally and/or in writing, to various audience (e.g. management, external stakeholders, etc.).

Common Responsibilities

  • Assisting in the reporting for financial and budgetary affairs and its development;
  • Coordinating the budget requirements and assisting in the preparation, presentation and follow-up of the budget of the Agency;
  • Providing training and advice to staff members on areas of expertise;
  • Performing administrative and financial tasks as part of the financial workflows;
  • Ensuring proper documentation and archiving of financial, contractual and procurement dossiers;
  • Supporting the year-end accounting closure, as well as the cost accounting and capitalisation activities;
  • Other tasks as assigned.


a) Successful completion of post-secondary level education attested by a diploma;


b) Successful completion of secondary education giving access to post-secondary education and at least three (3) years professional experience.

Only qualifications issued by EU Member State authorities or EEA authorities and qualifications recognised as equivalent by the relevant EU or EEA Member State authorities will be accepted.


To qualify for this profile, you must have at the closing date for applications a total professional experience of at least one (1) year acquired after achieving the minimum requirements stated out in 2.2 a) and b). At least six (6) months of your total professional experience must be relevant professional experience in the fields listed in section 1.


If you meet the eligibility criteria set out in section 2, you will be assessed on the basis of the following selection criteria. The candidates who are judged to be the most suitable on the basis of the selection criteria will be invited to an interview.

  • Your academic and professional qualifications and their relevance to the main areas of work listed in section 1;

Preference will be given to qualifications obtained in:

    • Business Administration, Public Administration, Accounting, Economics, Finance or a related field.
  • Your professional experience: the range of fields covered, the type and level of work done and its relevance to the areas of work listed in section 1.

The followings will be considered as assets:

  • Certificates in finance, accounting, procurement, contract and/or supplier management;
  • Documented experience as advanced user of Excel, accounting and/or finance software packages;
  • Knowledge of the relevant legal and financial framework for the selected profile;
  • Professional experience of over one year in working in an international or multicultural environment.

The academic and professional qualifications, professional experience and experience considered as an asset must be described as precisely as possible in your application.


You can submit your application and find more information on ECHA’s website at:

The deadline to fill in and submit your application is 27 September 2017 at noon 12:00, Helsinki time (11:00 a.m. CET).

Don't forget to mention EuroBrussels when applying.

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