Head of Department for Resources and Support

CEDEFOP - European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training

Thessaloniki, Greece


Deadline for applications: 12 October 2017
Reference: Cedefop/2017/06/AD_external
Type of contract: Temporary agent 2f (1)
Function group/grade: AD 11
Initial contract duration: 5 years renewable

Cedefop is organising a selection procedure to draw up a list of suitable candidates for the position of Head of Department for Resources and Support (2).


Cedefop is the Agency of the European Union to promote the development of vocational education and training (VET) in the European Union. Cedefop is a forum for policy analysis and research and is a recognised partner in the policy and scientific debates on VET related issues.

Operating at the interface between education and training and the labour market, Cedefop’s strategic objective is to enhance European cooperation in VET through evidence and expertise. Cedefop provides advice, research, analysis, information and promotes European cooperation and mutual learning.

Cedefop works closely with the European Commission, EU Member States, representatives of employers and trade unions, as well as with researchers and practitioners. The agency has a tripartite governing board composed of governments, employee and employers representatives as well as the European Commission.

For more information, please consult our website:


Cedefop employs approximately 120 persons and operates with an annual budget of around 18 million euros. English is the internal working language of the Agency. Cedefop offers a challenging environment with flexible work organisation and individual responsibility. As a learning and knowledge-development and sharing organisation, Cedefop provides good opportunities for continued professional development.

The mission of the Department for Resources and Support is to ensure that the services for human resources, finance and procurement, information technology, facilities and legal support all corroborate to the performance and core business of Cedefop in the most effective, efficient and coordinated manner, in compliance with the EU legal framework, including the EU Staff Regulations and the Financial Regulation.


The Head of the Department for Resources and Support shall report to the Director and will be responsible for the overall management of the Department composed of about thirty five staff members.

General duties

The Head of Resources and Support is managing a team of 35 staff and a budget of 13 million euros, with the purpose of ensuring all services related to the administration of the Centre: human resources, finance and procurement, information technology, facilities, general support and legal support.

Specific duties at Agency level

  • is responsible and accountable for ensuring efficient and effective services in human resources, finance and procurement, information technology, facilities and legal support with the purpose of providing staff with the appropriate working environment;
  • advise and support the Director in his role as Appointing Authority and Authorising Officer of Cedefop (3);
  • advise and support the Authorising Officers by Delegation;
  • assist the Director‘s office in the cooperation with the relevant European institutions in the field of administration, e.g. the European Parliament’s Committees on Budget and Budgetary Control, the European Commission’s DG Budget, DG HR, legal services, the Internal Audit Service of the Commission and the European Court of Auditors;
  • provide the Directorate and the operational departments with legal support as appropriate;
  • support the Directorate in ensuring the regularity, compliance and legality of all Cedefop operations in a cost-effective manner;
  • support the Agency’s Internal Control Coordinator in designing and implementing risk analysis and strategies, internal control systems, administrative procedures and in coordinating the preparatory steps as well as follow-up of audits and evaluations and in monitoring the development and effective implementation of the ethics framework;
  • contribute to the effective planning, management and monitoring of the needs of human resources as determined by policy priorities, fluctuating workloads and budgetary limitations;
  • ensure the effective planning, management and monitoring of budget resources in coordination with the Authorising Officer and the Authorising Officers by Delegation, in conformity with the EU Financial Regulation (4);
  • contribute to Cedefop’s multi-annual programming, annual work programme, management planning, internal strategies, progress and annual reporting, consolidated annual activity report;
  • oversee and manage security matters, including physical security.

Specific duties at the level of the Department for Resources and Support

  • coordinate and manage the activities and the staff of the Department;
  • set objectives for the Department in coordination with the general objectives of Cedefop;
  • ensure the effective, efficient and economic use of resources in the Department;
  • report on the Heads of Services and other staff in the Department (performance evaluation, career development process, support development of individual team members, individual objective-setting, performance control, etc.).


To be considered eligible, applicants must satisfy all the following requirements on the closing date for submission of applications:

General conditions (5)

  • be a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union;
  • enjoy full rights as a citizen;
  • have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the laws on military service;
  • be physically fit to perform the duties relating to the post (6).

Education (7)/Experience

  • have a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies (8) attested by a diploma, and at least 15 years proven full-time equivalent professional experience (9) after having obtained the university degree, when the normal period of university education is 4 years or more;


  • have a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies (8) attested by a diploma, and at least 16 years proven full-time equivalent professional experience (9) after having obtained the university degree, when the normal period of university education is 3 years.

Language skills

Have a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the European Union and a satisfactory knowledge of another language of the European Union (10).

Non-compliance with any of these eligibility criteria will result in the exclusion of the candidate from the selection process and the application will not be further evaluated.


Eligible candidates will be assessed against the requirements listed below.

Education and professional experience

  • university degree preferably in one or more of the following fields: Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance, Human Resources management, Law or a similar discipline;
  • of the 15 (or respectively 16, see above) years of full-time equivalent professional experience, at least:
    • 8 years full-time equivalent relevant professional experience at a senior level (managerial experience which includes high responsibilities, process control skills, leadership ability) in the areas mentioned in section 3 above, out of which;
    • 5 years full-time equivalent professional experience in a management position involving both human resource management (proven experience in a medium/large size organisation with staff of a variety of grades) and financial management responsibilities (please indicate number of staff and the amount of budget managed).

Professional knowledge, competences and skills

Specialist knowledge and skills

  • excellent knowledge of a large regulatory framework in the field of budgetary and financial management, human resources, procurement and legal services;
  • very good knowledge of internal control standards and audit in general;
  • good understanding of the inter-institutional workings of the EU or large organisation.

General management skills

  • proven capacity to lead at strategic and internal management levels and deliver results;
  • excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and a capacity to make sound, logical and well-argued judgments;
  • ability to take decisions;
  • ability to manage and empower staff and build productive and cooperative working relationships in an intercultural and/or multidisciplinary context;
  • negotiation, problem solving and conflict resolution skills;
  • ability to manage budgets in line with operational objectives and EU budgetary principles, including the principle of sound financial management.

Communication skills

  • excellent drafting and presentation skills to convey the content and implications of the outcomes of Cedefop’s and the Department’s work to different stakeholders, in oral and written form;
  • strong communication and interpersonal skills, enabling the candidate to lead discussions and communicate clearly;
  • ability to interact and negotiate at the highest level of management with the EU institutions and other public authorities;
  • excellent knowledge of English (11), including very strong drafting, editing and oral skills.

Technical knowledge

  • very good ability in operating standard computer applications;
  • good knowledge and experience with IT dedicated tools, e.g. financial and budget management systems;
  • experience and knowledge of internet/web based tools and applications.

The applicants also have to be able to produce references as to the suitability for the performance of the duties of the post.


  • Degree in Law;
  • good command of a third EU language (12);
  • knowledge of French and/or Greek (12);
  • very good knowledge of the EU institutional and regulatory framework governing the European institutions and bodies in the field of budgetary and financial management, human resources, procurement and compliance;
  • relevant professional experience with European Institutions, Agencies or intergovernmental organisations.


Candidates are assessed against compliance with all the eligibility and selection criteria by the closing date for the submission of applications. Cedefop will invite for written tests (13) and interviews the most suitable candidates (around 10) on condition that they have achieved at least 50% of the highest possible score during the evaluation of applications.

It is intended to hold tests and interviews at the seat of Cedefop in Thessaloniki on 23 and 24 November 2017 (dates subject to change).

Candidates who take part in written tests and interviews must obtain a minimum total score of 60% to be proposed for admission to the list of suitable candidates. Following the proposal, the admission to the list of suitable candidates will be decided by the Director of Cedefop.

Candidates who have been admitted to the list may also be invited to participate in an assessment centre in early 2018.

The list of suitable candidates may be used as a reserve for recruitment, should a vacancy arise.

Applicants will be informed if they have been included in the list. Inclusion does not guarantee recruitment. The list will be valid until 31 December 2018. Validity may be extended.

The Selection Board’s work and deliberations are strictly confidential. It is forbidden for applicants to make direct or indirect contact with members of the Selection Board or for anybody to do so on their behalf. Infringement of this rule may lead to disqualification from the selection procedure.


The contract of employment will be concluded for a period of five years with the possibility of renewal. The successful candidate will undergo a probation period of 9 months.

The terms of employment are those described in the Staff Regulations of Officials and in the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union (Articles 8 to 56 referring to temporary staff). The successful candidate will be recruited in grade AD 11. The basic monthly salary for grade AD 11 (step 1) is approximately € 9,700. The salary is subject to a salary weighting (currently 79.3% and subject to a yearly review) and a Community tax deducted at source but which is exempt from national taxation. In addition, staff members may be entitled to various allowances such as household allowance, expatriation allowance, dependent child and education allowances as well as a management allowance.

For any further information on the contractual and working conditions, please refer to the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union, which are accessible at the following address:


Applications must be submitted online by 12 October 2017 at 15.00 Greek time (CET + 1). Applications sent by post, e-mail etc. will be rejected.

Cedefop highly recommends that you read the instructions to applicants and the frequently asked questions before you start filling in your application.

To register and apply, please go to the job opportunities section of Cedefop’s website (, click on the name of the vacancy notice and follow the instructions.

In addition to filling in the application form, you must also attach:

  • a detailed curriculum vitae preferably using the Europass format (;
  • copy of your undergraduate university degree (7) (8) (14);
  • a letter of motivation of not more than two pages.

Please note: For the purposes of internal and external work-related communication and operational efficiency, appropriate knowledge of English is required. CV and motivation letter must therefore be submitted in English.

Applications that are incomplete will be rejected.


If a candidate considers that s/he has been adversely affected by a particular decision, s/he can lodge a complaint under Article 90(2) of the Staff Regulations of Officials and Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union, at the following address:

The Director
P.O. Box 22427
GR-55102 Finikas (Thessaloniki)

Any complaint must be lodged within 3 months after the candidate has been informed of the decision concerning his/her application.

Candidates who believe that maladministration occurred may lodge a complaint to the European Ombudsman. Before doing so, the available administrative complaint procedures towards Cedefop must have been exhausted. Please note that complaints made to the Ombudsman have no suspensive effect on the time period laid down in Article 91 of the Staff Regulations.


Cedefop ensures that applicants’ personal data are processed in line with Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data (Official Journal of the European Communities, L 8 of 12 January 2001).


Cedefop applies a policy of equal opportunities and accepts applications without distinction on any grounds.


The successful candidate will be required to sign a declaration of commitment to act independently in the public interest and to sign a declaration in relation to interests that might be considered prejudicial to his/her independence. Applicants must confirm their willingness to do so in their application.

(1) See Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union at
(2) Head of Department for Resources and Support is also widely known as ‘Head of Administration’.
(3) See
(4) See
(5) See article 12 of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union.
(6) Before appointment, the successful candidate must undergo a medical examination.
(7) Only undergraduate degrees issued by EU Member State authorities and degrees recognised as equivalent by the relevant EU Member State authorities (e.g. Naric) will be accepted.
(8) Before inclusion in a list or appointment, the EQF level of the degree giving access to the post must be checked/certified.
(9) Only duly documented professional experience will be taken into account. Part-time work will be taken into account in proportion to the percentage of full-time work. Overlapping work experience cannot be counted twice.
(10) Satisfactory knowledge is considered level B2 or above as referenced in the Common European Framework of Reference ( Knowledge of a third language of the European Union is necessary for the first promotion after recruitment.
(11) Level C1 or above as referenced in the Common European Framework of Reference (
(12) Level B2 or above.
(13) The written test will assess the ‘professional knowledge, competences and skills’ as indicated in section 5 of this notice of vacancy. Pre-selected candidates will be notified of the typology of the test in due course.
(14) You must always attach your undergraduate degree (e.g. Bachelor). Optionally, other postgraduate diplomas (e.g. Master, PhD) and certificates may also be attached.

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