Head of Campaigns (Employee or Consultant)

MPG - Migration Policy Group

Head of Campaigns (Employee or Consultant)

MPG - Migration Policy Group

Brussels, Belgium

The Migration Policy Group (MPG) seeks a Head of Campaigns on an employee or consultant basis from September/October to May/June with the possibility of renewal.

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) for a Welcoming Europe - the first ECI and major NGO collaborative campaign on migration - aimed to create national coalitions able to reach a million EU citizens and achieve policy change at EU level. Building on the ECI’s insights, the Head of Campaigns will work together with partners to:

  • Coordinate messaging on their EU migration policy priorities in order to reach a wider public;
  • Agree on a structure and priorities for joint campaigning & communications towards the new European Parliament and Commission.

Objectives for the Head of Campaigns

Reflecting and building on the most impactful mobilisation activities from the ECI “We are a Welcoming Europe”, the Head of Campaigns will help to support effective partners to work together to influence the European migration policy debate under the new European Commission and Parliament:

  1. The Head of Campaigns will consult and help key partners and stakeholders to improve and coordinate their messaging in order to communicate their migration priorities to a wider public;
  2. The Head of Campaigns will create the basis for joint campaigns and communications and a long-term structure for coordination.

The Head of Campaigns will offer coordination support to the most effective organisations, individual leaders and to its growing community of EU citizens and migrant supporters.

1. Coordinate messaging on NGOs’ migration priorities

The Head of Campaigns will work with partners to develop, coordinate and amplify the most effective joint campaign messages that can help them to reframe the debate and reach a wider audience among European voters. Consultations with partners will determine what should be the focus of common messages, working with MPG staff. This Head of Campaigns will develop a communications plan and set of key actions and advice on messaging and framing.

2. Build a long-term Alliance for a Welcoming Europe

The Head of Campaigns will convene an alliance meeting to plan a common strategy and activities towards the new European institutions. The Head of Campaigns will help partners to decide on common long-term objectives, structures, messages and means to achieve these goals (including clear commitments in terms of staff, resources and mobilisation of communication channels). The new strategy will lay the foundation for an Alliance centered on concrete policy asks, with a wider range of campaigning and mobilisation tactics.

Head of Campaigns profile

The role is for an experienced coordinator with expertise on strategic communications and campaigning and with an understanding of the current migration debate and NGO landscape.

The person should be able to prove:

  • 7-10 years of working experience in the field of strategic communication or campaigning;
  • Strong knowledge of migration or social justice issues in the European context;
  • Excellent understanding of communications work of civil society organisations (in social justice sector) with awareness of challenges and opportunities faced by transnational campaigns/networks;
  • Sensitivity to work on issues such as anti-discrimination, integration, irregular migration, and a clear understanding of challenges in the current migration debate;
  • Experience with transnational coalition building, joint/complementary messaging and strategic communications coordination;
  • Creative/innovative thinking;
  • Knowledge of digital campaigning and opportunities;
  • Journalistic or PR experience is a plus;
  • Fluency in English, knowledge of another language desirable.

Guidelines for Submission

Interested candidates should send the following to MPG (jobs@migpolgroup.com):

  • CV;
  • Completed MPG application form;
  • If applying as a consultant, indicative budget in Euro, stating consultant’s daily rate including VAT.

Deadline for applications is 9 September 2019.

Options for employment or consultancy

MPG’s flexibility in terms of consultancy or working conditions:

  • MPG office space available in Brussels (preferred option);
  • 8-10-month contract (to be determined) with potential for renewal;
  • Regular availability (two to four days a week) during the project phase;
  • Start date: immediate (October 2019);
  • For independent consultant applicants, a budget of max. 30,000 € for work-days including VAT.

Note: This maximum amount applies only to consultants and not to employee candidates due to the difference in tax regimes, overheads and social/employers’ obligations.

General Process Information

  • Questions about the Terms of Reference may be submitted to the MPG (jobs@migpolgroup.com);
  • Terms of reference modifications: In case MPG must modify or revise the Terms of Reference, the modified portion will be provided to all responding document holders as soon as possible;
  • Review Process: Applications by employees or consultants will be reviewed by MPG management;
  • Acceptance: The contents of the terms of reference will become part of the contract of the employee or consultant if agreement is reached;
  • Financing and Payment will be agreed with the employee or consultant as part of contract;
  • MPG reserves the right to obtain clarification or information from a candidate. Failure of a candidate to respond could result in rejection of that application;
  • Tax Clearance and Withholding Tax: In case an independent consultant is selected, the consultant is obliged to comply with appropriate tax regulations.
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