Expression of Interest (EOI) - Interpretation Services

International IDEA - The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

Expression of Interest (EOI) - Interpretation Services

International IDEA - The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

Reference No. 2023-10-038

Project Name: INTER PARES

Section 1. General Information

1.1 The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) is an intergovernmental organization established in 1995, with member states across all continents, which aims to support sustainable democracy world-wide and assist in the development of institutions and the culture of democracy. At the interface between research, fieldwork and the donor community, IDEA provides a forum for dialogue, builds networks of experts, develops training materials, and provides strategic advice at the international, regional and national level, cooperating with a range of organizations.

1.2 International IDEA and the European Union (EU) entered into an Agreement to implement the project “INTER PARES Parliaments in Partnership – EU Global Project to Strengthen the Capacity of Parliaments”, for the period 2019-2022. In response to a successful first phase, the INTER PARES programme has been granted a second phase for the period of 2023-2025.

1.3 The Programme aims to foster representative and inclusive democracy worldwide through strengthening global parliamentary development and inter-parliamentary cooperation, improving the effective functioning of parliaments in partner countries, by enhancing their legislative, oversight, representative, budgetary and administrative functions, and supporting parliaments to advance critical global challenges across several cross-cutting themes.

1.4 International IDEA now seeks to employ (a consultant, consultants, a company, an organization) for the assignment entitled: Interpretation Service (Inclusive of all technical equipment, either remotely or in person). The services include the interpretation of from/to English (UK) and any of the following languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, French (FR), Myanmar language, Nepali, Spanish (ES), Swedish, Portuguese (PT), Russian, Ukrainian,Thai, Uzbek and any other languages as needs may arise. A detailed description of the assignment is provided in the Terms of Reference attached to this Expression of Interest/RFP. Interested qualified (individual consultants, companies, organizations) are invited to submit a CV to participate in the selection.

1.5 Tentative timeframe: It is anticipated that the services will run for an initial period of 3years (01/01/2024 to 31/12/2026) with the possibility of extension for addition 2 years subject to the availability of funding, performance of service, and other relevant factors.

1.6 Language: The official language for the contract, reports, and any other documents in relation to the assignment is English.

Section 2. Preparation of CVs

2.1. Language: The CV must be written in English.

2.2. Required experience: 8 years of proven experience in interpretation services in the listed languages above.

2.3. Information required: The CV must include the following information:

  • Qualifications;
  • Company background details;
  • Evidence of experience on other similar assignments;
  • The full contact details (name, title, email address, telephone number) of three client references.

2.4. Financial Proposal: the list of fees/rates and cost of reimbursable expenses should be tax inclusive.

2.5. Declaration of Honour Form: Please note that the attached Declaration of Honour Form should be submitted as a separate file together with the proposal. All sections must be ticked YES or NO. Please note that in Section 3, in the absence of conflict of interest, this section should be marked Yes to confirm the absence of a conflict.

Section 3. Submission of CVs

3.1 The CVs must be submitted in electronic format by e-mail.

3.2 Request for clarifications: Clarifications may be requested via email no later than 27 November 2023. Clarifications should be sent to

Note a response to a request for clarifications will be issued to all tenderers/bidders/applicants on our website Therefore, bidders/service providers are advised to check the website regularly during the process.

3.3 The e-mail address for submission is: deadline for submission is 08 December 2023 at 12:59 (CET). Late submission will not be considered for evaluation.

This email address is set up with auto-response to acknowledge emails received. In the event that you do not receive an autoreply, please send a text message (NO CALLS, CALLS WILL NOT BE ANSWERED) to this number +46725375735. In your text message, please provide the following:

  • Tender reference no. and title;
  • Email address you used for submission;
  • Date and Time, you sent your submission (e.g. 01 December 2021, 12:30 CET).

3.4 Note: There are two different email addresses as outlined above, one to be used for Submission of your final proposal and the second one to be used for clarifications and other related correspondences. Please make sure to submit your Proposal to the correct email address.

Section 4. Evaluation of CVs

4.1 The CVs will be evaluated and scored against the following criteria with respective corresponding points:

  1. general qualifications and skills (score 15);
  2. specific qualifications relevant to the assignment (score 20);
  3. experience of working with International Organisations (score 15);
  4. specific professional experience in the field of the assignment (score 30);
  5. financial Proposal (score 20).

The maximum final score is 100 points.

4.2. The consultant/company are required to have scored a minimum of 50 points from criteria 4.1 i to iv above. Only proposals that score a minimum of 50 points in criteria 4.1 i to iv will be considered for financial evaluation.

4.3 The financial scores (F), section 4.1.v will be computed as follows:

The lowest evaluation price proposal (Em) will be given a financial score (Fm) of 100 points.

The financial scores of the other proposals will be computed applying the formula:

F = 100 x Em/E, where:

  • Em is the lowest evaluation price; and
  • E is the evaluation price of the proposal under consideration.

4.4 This EOI aims to establish a pool of service providers and the number of Framework Contracts will be determined in correspondence to the needs of the office. Please note that awarding a Framework Contract does not guarantee that International IDEA will give the service provider any engagements; the engagement of services under Framework Contracts is subject to the Institute’s needs.

4.5 The consultant/company included in the roster, shall be contacted for services when need arises. In which case, International IDEA will send a Terms of Reference for the services to be performed and issue a service order to that effect.

Section 5. Final Considerations

5.1 International IDEA will not be bound to select any of the consultants/companies/organisations.

5.2 The following documents are enclosed with this Expression of Interest:

  • Terms of Reference;
  • Contracts General terms and conditions;
  • Declaration of Honour Form.

5.3 Further information on International IDEA may be found on our website

5.4 Both the successful and unsuccessful bidders will be notified in writing following the completion of the evaluation and contract award process.

5.5 Complaints regarding any aspect of the EIO process should be addressed in writing to both the Internal Auditor and the Executive Director at International IDEA. The address is

The Expression of Interest/RFP, Terms of Reference, Declaration of Honour Form and Contract General Terms and Conditions are available at:

Don't forget to mention EuroBrussels when applying.

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